For Students

Getting Started

If you are a disabled student and would like accommodations or services, access the Disability Resources Department (DRD) site. Following are some of the information found on the site:

Disability Resources Department Serves Online Students

For SRJC students taking only online classes at SRJC, DRD offers services remotely. Intake appointments can be scheduled over the phone or using other technology. Access the DRD ‘Getting Started” page for more information. 


SRJC offers a variety of programs and services that serve disabled students through the Disability Resources Department:

Student Accessible Parking

SRJC students with a DMV issued disabled placard, disabled person’s license plate, or disabled veteran’s license plate are authorized to use ANY space on SRJC campuses in conjunction with the display of a valid SRJC parking permit. Students with disabilities must also purchase SRJC parking permits and have them prominently displayed at all times for all vehicles.